This morning is an odd morning. I hardly slept at all last night and yet I climbed out of bed at five. It’s been raining all night and most of yesterday. I suppose it will rain most of today too. So much for fishing. I’m sitting outside of my camper listening to the birds chirp and the rain fall. I’m thinking about getting a blanket because there is a slight chill in the dampness. The coffee is hot and good. My mind tries to focus on being here, now and present. The warm coffee cup feels good in my stiff hands. A smoker just walked by and interrupted my quiet time with his undeniable smokers cough.

Today I will fish; even if it’s raining. I’ve lost my edge. I haven’t fished in years and this year I am determined to get back into it. I was a great fisher when I was a kid. My daddy taught me well; maybe too well. It was easy to upset my older brother as his little sister out-fished him.

Soon there will be the smell of bacon in the air. I wish I could make a campfire to round out the beautiful fragrance of the morning.

It’s six now and my alarm just went off. It’s too bad I’m already up. Time to make the donuts as the old guy said years ago.



I’m home now from our family trip through Michigan. It rained a lot and we didn’t get to do most of what I wanted to do. Now that I am home the road trip aftermath has hit. The house is trashed and the camper has yet to be cleaned. I did 7 loads of laundry and my daughter put dinner in the crock pot. The garden I spent so much time on is full of weeds and the grass needs mowed. It’s time to decide what is more important: weed-less gardens or camping. I’m tired and the house is a wreck. I look at it and want to get started but then I get overwhelmed with so much to do. Tomorrow the real world is back on the schedule: daughter to karate class, grocery shopping and taking the car to the shop for an oil change and some body work. It never ends. Life keeps on spinning and I’m doing my best to hang

Memorial Day

Why is mom always waiting on the family? I’m the one that’s out of bed early. I’m the one that cleans and packs. I’m the bad guy who wakes everyone up and says it’s time to go. Too bad Family! Like the guy from the 80’s commercial, “It’s time to make the donuts.

Well, we’ve had a change of plans. I posted previously that our destination was Mackinaw City but it’s raining so we are going inland away from Lake Michigan. It’s wonderful to be able to change direction without a hitch. There’s something great about not making reservations or having an itinerary. And, with the beauty of the internet, I found two awesome stops: First, a gluten-free café located in Muskegon that I can’t wait to go to. Second, a campground that sounds like fun. There is a pond with paddleboats and kayaks, an arcade with a pool table, an outdoor swimming pool – and dare I say – legal fishing without a $65 Michigan license! Yay me! This girl gets to go fishing today. Even if it is raining I’m going fishing! Wish me luck Daddy!

Road Trip Time

Summer is finally here and it’s time to plan the family road trips. I have many ideas and lots of places to go but I’d like to know if anyone has been someplace different, unusual, off the beaten path. We have a camper. We will be driving and we can’t be gone for more than 10 days. Some of the states we have visited include Alabama, Arkansas, and Texas. Someday I’d like to go to Michigan, Tennessee, and Virginia. One daughter wants to go to Yellowstone and the other to Washington, DC. I’m not taking the camper to DC.

What I’d like to do is camp, hike, fish, swim, canoe, zip-line, and stuff like that.

I’m open for fun family ideas. O, and recipes! Camping recipes for food allergy sufferers!

Thanks All!