My Paleo Adventure

Day Six

March 28, 2015

It’s been rough coming up with recipes that satisfy me. I’ve surfed Pinterest and found plenty but I’m still looking for food that I will actually eat. I don’t like cooked veggies. I know, weird, right. Well, at least I’ll eat most of them raw.

I’ve been craving sugar and desserts so I made a breakfast cookie from a recipe that I found HERE.

This is how they came out:

cookie 1 cookie 2

Paleo supper today is grilled, nitrate/nitrite free smoked sausage with fresh cut veggies and this great Asian slaw recipe that I found HERE:

This is my day 6, Paleo dinner looked like and I must say it was delish!:

sausage and peppers

24 more days left on my Paleo adventure; that is, if it doesn’t work out for me. If it works out and I feel better, lose weight and have more energy then it will be a forever change on my journey to be WELL.

Day Three

cookie jarHow am I feeling today? I don’t mind the food and I’m not really hungry but I am realizing that I rely too heavily on empty carbs for filling my tummy. Additionally, I need to come up with more snacks. It’s difficult to watch TV without wanting popcorn, chips or cookies. My friend: “Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations” ( recommended going 30 days without sweetener. I’m trying to take that advice. Apparently I have a sugar problem. Good Lord willing, after 30 days I’ll no longer crave sugar. I have noticed that my sweet tooth is more sensitive than it used to be. Supper will be breakfast today. Boars Head ham, uncured bacon, eggs, strawberries, bell peppers and some sort of Paleo bread.

Here’s a riddle: Are purple potatoes perfectly Paleo?

purple potato

Day One

So, Paleo? How am I going to do this? I’m already without gluten and dairy you’d think it wouldn’t be hard to eliminate the rest of the grains. Think again. I love my Vans Breakfast Cranberry Bars. I found a great recipe for millet cakes which taste fantastic. And what about Gluten Free oats? How am I ever going to live without those?

The truth is, I’d rather live without all of these stomach problems. I’d rather live without joint pain. I’d rather live without restless legs. I’d really like to lose those last 20 pounds. I’d really like to get a good night’s sleep. I wonder if going Paleo will help with all of that.

Food allergies! Vitamin D! Hormones! Ugh! What’s an adventurer to do?

Pesticides and the Dirty Dozen! Fast food, local food, is it food? SO many questions and so much overwhelming information!

How do I begin transitioning? I have three other people to feed who eat grains. Adventure Daughter 2 also has food allergies so she is up for anything that won’t make her sick. Adventure hubby and daughter 1 would love to eat whatever they want – whether I consider it food or not!

Has anyone out there struggled with food allergies? Who is Paleo and why? I remember when I did the Atkins diet years ago. I didn’t know anything about food allergies, the “dirty dozen,” hormones in milk or really much at all. I’m sad to say that I ate lots of unhealthy meats full of nitrates and sodium. Well, that certainly is not for me anymore!

Today I start my Paleo Adventure. I’ll rely on Pinterest for recipes and inspiration. I’ll rely on God for self-control. I’ll depend on exercise for energy and motivation. I’ll rely on my readers for encouragement. If you have any encouraging words please share. If you have any success stories you think would help me please feel free to share as well.

Supper tonight: Leftover chicken seasoned with home made taco seasons on a bed of greens, cukes, and peppers


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