In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “A Dog Named Bob.”

I live in a neighborhood association. All of our streets are named after birds and I just happen to live on Blujay drive. One day I decided that our weathered mailbox had seen its better days. I replaced it with one of those fancy plastic ones. As I sat on the porch admiring my handiwork my daughter brought me a plate of fresh blueberry pancakes dripping with syrup. Suddenly, the neighbor’s dog named Bob came trotting by with no owner attached to his leash. He lifted his leg and pee’d on my handiwork! I was appalled and began to chase him down. Before I could get back the mailman came and dropped my mail directly into the freshly sprayed pile of dog pee. With sticky fingers and exhausted breath I leaned down and picked up my mail which now had ink running off the side accompanied by Bob’s morning water. With head hanging down I walked, defeated, back into the house to hose off the mail, take a shower and start the day over.

Donna Wells, June 11, 2015


Leaky Pipes

Donna’s Adventure continues with household drama. Why does this always happen when hubs is out of town? Something major that I have to deal with; as if I didn’t already have enough on my plate. So, here it is:

leaky-pipesI went to the basement to run on the treadmill and lift weights. Besides the mess of toys, movies, art supplies, school supplies, and workout equipment I found a soggy wet carpet. Gross. I have leaky pipes, water coming from the ceiling and traveling across the light strip; most likely from the washing machine upstairs. I thought we’d dealt with this effectively a couple of months ago. Apparently we were inefficient. This time I called the warranty company. Thank God we bought that warranty when we bought the house. What if they tear into the drywall? What if they put holes in the floor? That won’t be covered and I’ll have to call a dry wall person. And this is where I stop my mind from chasing rabbit trails.

I’m taking a break from cleaning to write this post and to breathe. I’m trying not to freak out but right now there is something to be said for renting! After 19 years of marriage (tomorrow is our anniversary) we have accumulated a lot of junk. I intend to part with a lot of it this week. I refuse to have a garage sale, too much work and not enough profit. Off to Goodwill it will go: books, toys, movies and wires to who knows what. I think they also recycle old printers and we probably have a few of those collecting dust too.

Break’s over

“If you do not stand firm in your faith you will not stand at all.” Isaiah 7:9b

I sit in my chair and reflect on my life. I talk to my God and read His Word. I take comfort in knowing that even though I’m going through a storm He is holding my hand. He is like a daddy who loves his little girl more than the world itself. I’ve witnessed His miracles in my own life. I’ve seen them in the lives of my friends. He has rescued me from the storms of this life in the past and I have no doubt that he will rescue me now and in the future. Life is hard. Even Jesus said that we would have trouble in this life. Jesus overcame the world and with Him holding my hand I can step out of the boat. I can get up and walk. I can rise up. I can stand fast, be strong and courageous.

“If you do not stand firm in your faith you will not stand at all.” Isaiah 7:9b

Sunny Days

It’s a beautiful sunny day. The temperature is a comfortable 64 degrees. I sit in my lounge chair in front of the lake relaxed and dreaming of flowers and butterflies. Got the fishing line in the water waiting patiently for a bite. A healthy fresh grilled fish dinner is on the menu. Today I sit without a care in the world.

Uh, yeah right. I wish. Not a care in the world? Harldy. I’m swamped with care and concern. I’m overwhelmed with chores and children. I’m alone and over my head with life. A healthy dinner on the menu? I’m lucky if I cook. I crave the day when I can truly sit by the lake relaxing. I dream of the stress melting away in the sun.

Somehow I hurt my back. Yesterday, after running errands and taking my daughter to shoot her bow, I started having muscle spasms. For what reason, I have yet to figure out. I spent the evening with heat on my back. I usually hold stress in my back so maybe that is it. Who knows? Whatever. I’ll get over it. I won’t let it get me down. I’ll live to get back into the garden. I’ll live to get out fishing.

I think of Dori – “Just keep swimming.” All of life is seasonal. Ups and downs and ‘rounds and ‘rounds. I know that this too shall pass. I know that one day I’ll look around and wish that the kids were here to stress me out. One day I will sit around the flowers and catch fish with nothing to do but breathe.

Crazy Canines

Peace and KonaToday I realized that my dogs are crazy. Don’t get me wrong I love them terribly but they can get into some serious mischief. My dogs are boxers. Boxers are like chips, you can’t have just one. The white one is Peace and the dark one is Kona. Peace and Kona are opposites both in color and personality. Peace is 12 years old and still as hyper as she was at 6 months old. Kona is 5 and is more chill but will get wound up if Peace is wound up. Peace wants to be with the family and Kona wants to be with Peace. Kona will whimper around the house looking for Peace if she is not around. Both Peace and Kona bend themselves in half to meet you from a body-shaped like a U. Anyone who owns boxers knows that they can be stubborn, a handful, and dumb but they are also the smartest dogs you’ll ever own, loyal, loving and so cute you can’t stay mad at them. Boxers will go from crawling on your lap and licking your face to protecting the family with their life. Boxers think that they are lap dogs.

PeacePeace “Hudini’d” her way out of a metal dog kennel – Peace has separation anxiety and would get into everything, tear it up and then act like nothing happened. We started putting her in one of these large metal dog kennels. She managed to free herself and we blamed the kids for not latching it properly before we left the house. When we realized she was getting herself out, we put a lock on it. One day we came home and she was out again. The kennel had a big hole in the top and the wires were on the floor.

Peace used to run in the country with my mother’s mixed breed (corgi/dachshund). The two of them would get into something we called “the funk.” Still not sure what it was but man did it stink and they were ever so proud of themselves for having found it and rolled in it.

Whoever said that dogs won’t poop where they sleep never met Kona.Kona

Crazy things my boxers have:


  • a whole rotisserie chicken carcass, gelatinous fat and all.
  • an entire tube of triple antibiotic ointment
  • a standard container of Vaseline
  • sunscreen
  • body lotion
  • meat tray liners, more than a dozen (throughout their life)
  • cat litter and rabbit droppings from the yard
  • prescription medication out of a childproofed bottle
  • several dozen fresh made chocolate chip cookies
  • a platter full of hot dogs that were meant for a party
  • Tore up and ate a Bible
  • A dog bed

And they have lived to terrorize another day!

And, we would still get another one and someday just might!

me and the dogsboxer bookamazon prime logo

Update on my Paleo Journey

So it’s been 32 days since I went Paleo. I haven’t really felt the effects of skipping the grains, beans and sugar. Sunday I took the kids to see the new Paul Blart movie and I splurged on popcorn and candy.

Well, guess who is feeling it now! My stomach is still mad at me for the binge eating. So, the conclusion is that Paleo is working – slowly – but working.

I’m back on Paleo. This time for so much longer; maybe forever. It hasn’t been an easy road to follow. I’ve only found one item at one restaurant that I can eat. It’s this amazing chili and I have to pick the beans out.

I just wonder if anyone has success in eating at restaurants and following strict paleo eating plan. Most people tell me to order a salad but you know how much preservatives are on those veggies? Gross and serious stomach upset issues. I really like Chipotle but – no rice. I’ve been doing a lot of cooking and baking but I really hate cleaning the kitchen constantly.

Can anyone reassure me that it gets better?

What Inspires Me?



Just listened to CD 1 of this set. It’s amazing! Highly recommended! You can buy it here:

By the way, I do NOT get anything for endorsing Pastor Jentezen Franklin or for promoting this teaching series or providing you with a link to his store. I’m simply sharing with my friends what inspires me.

I’m totally on fire for God after hearing this message. Pastor Franklin is not afraid to tell it like it is. He preaches to church-goers in this lesson on showing gratitude to God for all of our blessings. He implores people to worship God like never before, to run to him and seek after him with all of your heart.

No excuses.

The church needs revival!