Leaky Pipe Saga

leaky joint

leaky corner joint, wet wood/insulation

carpet and floor and water

cut, wet carpet and pad looking for floor drain

About that leaky pipe that I wrote about earlier: It flooded my basement. I can’t believe I didn’t see if before. Well, it wasn’t the washing machine at all. There was a pipe in the corner of the ceiling that was leaking. Only God knows how that happened. What I know is that it has cause a huge mess. I have enough messes in my life. I didn’t need this one too. However, I will count my blessings and they include home owner’s insurance, home warranty, and super nice plumbers. The young man who came to my house was determined to find the problem. We ran all of the water in the house, waited for the washer to go through a cycle, and even tore up the carpet looking for a floor drain. Nothing.

more water

Finally, we opened the wall where the water main is. I’ve never seen it before because it is boarded up. Well, there it was, way up high in the corner. There was a fast leak that was soaking the wood, the insulation and running down the wall and into my carpet. That wonderful plumber fixed the leak. The clean-up crew is coming today or Thursday. Then it will be off to order carpet. The final step, I think I will hire a professional organizer to help me put everything back and throw stuff away.

This is where I take a page out of my own life coaching book: breathe, it will be okay. It’s getting taken care of and there is no reason to panic or get upset. Schedule the right workers, write the check and smile when the basement has been redecorated.



I’m home now from our family trip through Michigan. It rained a lot and we didn’t get to do most of what I wanted to do. Now that I am home the road trip aftermath has hit. The house is trashed and the camper has yet to be cleaned. I did 7 loads of laundry and my daughter put dinner in the crock pot. The garden I spent so much time on is full of weeds and the grass needs mowed. It’s time to decide what is more important: weed-less gardens or camping. I’m tired and the house is a wreck. I look at it and want to get started but then I get overwhelmed with so much to do. Tomorrow the real world is back on the schedule: daughter to karate class, grocery shopping and taking the car to the shop for an oil change and some body work. It never ends. Life keeps on spinning and I’m doing my best to hang on.world