Leaky Pipes

Donna’s Adventure continues with household drama. Why does this always happen when hubs is out of town? Something major that I have to deal with; as if I didn’t already have enough on my plate. So, here it is:

leaky-pipesI went to the basement to run on the treadmill and lift weights. Besides the mess of toys, movies, art supplies, school supplies, and workout equipment I found a soggy wet carpet. Gross. I have leaky pipes, water coming from the ceiling and traveling across the light strip; most likely from the washing machine upstairs. I thought we’d dealt with this effectively a couple of months ago. Apparently we were inefficient. This time I called the warranty company. Thank God we bought that warranty when we bought the house. What if they tear into the drywall? What if they put holes in the floor? That won’t be covered and I’ll have to call a dry wall person. And this is where I stop my mind from chasing rabbit trails.

I’m taking a break from cleaning to write this post and to breathe. I’m trying not to freak out but right now there is something to be said for renting! After 19 years of marriage (tomorrow is our anniversary) we have accumulated a lot of junk. I intend to part with a lot of it this week. I refuse to have a garage sale, too much work and not enough profit. Off to Goodwill it will go: books, toys, movies and wires to who knows what. I think they also recycle old printers and we probably have a few of those collecting dust too.

Break’s over


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