Memorial Day

Why is mom always waiting on the family? I’m the one that’s out of bed early. I’m the one that cleans and packs. I’m the bad guy who wakes everyone up and says it’s time to go. Too bad Family! Like the guy from the 80’s commercial, “It’s time to make the donuts.

Well, we’ve had a change of plans. I posted previously that our destination was Mackinaw City but it’s raining so we are going inland away from Lake Michigan. It’s wonderful to be able to change direction without a hitch. There’s something great about not making reservations or having an itinerary. And, with the beauty of the internet, I found two awesome stops: First, a gluten-free café located in Muskegon that I can’t wait to go to. Second, a campground that sounds like fun. There is a pond with paddleboats and kayaks, an arcade with a pool table, an outdoor swimming pool – and dare I say – legal fishing without a $65 Michigan license! Yay me! This girl gets to go fishing today. Even if it is raining I’m going fishing! Wish me luck Daddy!


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