Stress Paralyzed

Stress Paralyzed

Have you ever had one of those days when you had so much to do that you didn’t want to do any of it? In the movie, Mom’s Night Out, the main character, Allyson calls it “stress paralyzed.” Funny movie if you need a good laugh. I must have seen it a dozen times and laughed until I had tears every time. Anyway, my mind is racing with lists and chores and activities and things that need to get done today. I saw this sketch on Pinterest once and describes what I’m thinking right now (except I’m not trying to sleep):I wish I could sleep, but my stupid ADHD kicks in and, well, basically, one sheep, two sheep, cow, turtle, duck, Old McDonald had a farm, heeeey Macarena!

I want to weed the garden beds but I need to clean the camper. I need to grocery shop for vacation food but I need a haircut. My daughter has a meeting for fall tennis this afternoon, I need to sign her up for tennis camp and now I’m thinking about her 9th grade curriculum. I have this blog that I thoroughly love interacting on and want to sit and write and read but more lists keep haunting me. The dogs need their medicine and a bath. The kids need shorts. I still don’t have any gluten/dairy free camping recipes.

Now I think I have ADD. I’m sure I do but have never been diagnosed. It doesn’t matter now because I’m not a kid in school trying to deal with all of the distractions of a classroom.

See what I mean? My brain is not cooperating today.

What’s a mom to do? Now I want to watch that movie!

I’m Stress Paralyzed.


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