Planting Again


So, I did more planting today. I’m sure I did some of it wrong but that’s ok, I’m learning. I never claimed to have a green thumb or to even enjoy gardening. But, I guess, I must be enjoying it a little or else I wouldn’t be doing so much of it. Little by little I’m getting my yard pretty. I just hope it rains enough while I’m on vacation. Here is some progress pix of my flower beds.

The bunnies were eating my daisies, raspberries and lilies. I like rabbits but I don’t want them munching on my hard work. So, I planted marigolds. I read that they deter the little critters. We’ll see.

I went from this:garden progress 2

To This:


And From This:

garden 2To This: 20150517_150021And this:

sunflower location

To This:


I’m very excited about my progress. Taking it slow has definitely been the right way to go.


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