Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day I will be visiting my mom. I will take my daughters to spend some time with my mom. It will be an inter-generation weekend. My mother has taught me a lot in this life. I remember in high school I refused to learn how to cook. I insisted that I would have someone doing that for me. Today I’m actually a very good cook. She yelled at me to hold my stomach in. I hated her for that. Today I love her for it. Even after two kids I have a small waist. Funny thing: she took my brother and me to the library every week; I hate to read.

I remember when I was little my mom colored with me.

I remember going to this little café that was below a bakery. We would walk to town, I could pick out whatever doughnut I wanted (which was always an elephant ear) and then we would go down stairs and eat. I think I usually got an egg salad sandwich.

It hasn’t always been fond memories with my mother. We didn’t get along when I was a teenager. My brother was her favorite. (First born boy) I had ADD and she said I didn’t study hard enough. We never saw eye to eye on life. She got married right after graduation. I wanted a career. She had kids right away and I didn’t know if I ever wanted a family. I wanted to go to college and she didn’t think I was smart enough. We had nothing in common. When I left for basic training my mom did not miss me.

However, years later we finally had a breakthrough in our relationship. My mother is too important to me to describe. I live three hours away and I miss her. It’s too far to just pop in and have a cup of tea. I wish I were there to take her shopping and go out to lunch. I wish I were there to clean her house. My mom has rheumatoid arthritis and some days has trouble getting around. I wish I were there to help her on those days.

Quote from my mother that I will never forget:

“You never outgrow needing your mother. Mine has been gone for 20 years and I still miss her.”

mom donna rose mikenzie


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