More Gardening



I spent the weekend in the yard. It’s coming along; slowly. I don’t mind though. I don’t need to hurt my back again. I’ve never claimed to have a green thumb. Most of my house plants die. And, in fact, my husband and I are in complete disagreement about the grass. He calls it weeds. I call it a salad.

They’re just dandelions. GASP! Dare I say that? Well, I happen to think they are pretty and healthy. What’s wrong with yellow flowers all over the yard? The neighbors, of course would disagree. I just don’t want the chemicals on the lawn and neither do the dogs.

RoseSo, back to my progress. I planted a rose that should climb up the lattice I attached to my pallet wall. I planted marigold seeds to deter the bunnies from eating my rose. I also planted sunflower seeds in the front yard by the porch.

rasberry planted

Red Rasberry

Got the blueberry and raspberry bushes in:



And here is my tiny azalea bush that I pray will grow into a very pretty corner piece.

My friend’s daughter’s school is having a plant sale fundraiser so I must buy some plants. I plan to put them in the front to boost curb appeal. I’d also like to buy some plants that deter bugs. I wonder which plants those are?

And by the way, what is this? I’m thinking some kind of lily. I planted it last


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