Crazy Canines

Peace and KonaToday I realized that my dogs are crazy. Don’t get me wrong I love them terribly but they can get into some serious mischief. My dogs are boxers. Boxers are like chips, you can’t have just one. The white one is Peace and the dark one is Kona. Peace and Kona are opposites both in color and personality. Peace is 12 years old and still as hyper as she was at 6 months old. Kona is 5 and is more chill but will get wound up if Peace is wound up. Peace wants to be with the family and Kona wants to be with Peace. Kona will whimper around the house looking for Peace if she is not around. Both Peace and Kona bend themselves in half to meet you from a body-shaped like a U. Anyone who owns boxers knows that they can be stubborn, a handful, and dumb but they are also the smartest dogs you’ll ever own, loyal, loving and so cute you can’t stay mad at them. Boxers will go from crawling on your lap and licking your face to protecting the family with their life. Boxers think that they are lap dogs.

PeacePeace “Hudini’d” her way out of a metal dog kennel – Peace has separation anxiety and would get into everything, tear it up and then act like nothing happened. We started putting her in one of these large metal dog kennels. She managed to free herself and we blamed the kids for not latching it properly before we left the house. When we realized she was getting herself out, we put a lock on it. One day we came home and she was out again. The kennel had a big hole in the top and the wires were on the floor.

Peace used to run in the country with my mother’s mixed breed (corgi/dachshund). The two of them would get into something we called “the funk.” Still not sure what it was but man did it stink and they were ever so proud of themselves for having found it and rolled in it.

Whoever said that dogs won’t poop where they sleep never met Kona.Kona

Crazy things my boxers have:


  • a whole rotisserie chicken carcass, gelatinous fat and all.
  • an entire tube of triple antibiotic ointment
  • a standard container of Vaseline
  • sunscreen
  • body lotion
  • meat tray liners, more than a dozen (throughout their life)
  • cat litter and rabbit droppings from the yard
  • prescription medication out of a childproofed bottle
  • several dozen fresh made chocolate chip cookies
  • a platter full of hot dogs that were meant for a party
  • Tore up and ate a Bible
  • A dog bed

And they have lived to terrorize another day!

And, we would still get another one and someday just might!

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