Who decided that gardening was fun?

garden 3They were lying.

My back is killing me now. The good news is that even though it is cold and rainy outside I managed to prep my flower bed. First I re-purposed some cardboard boxes, broke them down and used them for weed guard. Then I installed the trim that is supposed to help block the grass from getting into the bed. Then I filled it with two kinds of dirt. The rings in the middle are for blueberry bushes and raspberry bushes. The two growing bushes are elderberries. I can’t wait to make healthy elderberry syrup at harvest time.garden 1

Now to the bad news. My back feels like I was hit by a truck. I have this muscle rub but I don’t tend to really like menthol. It works though so I might have to suck it up. I guess I shouldn’t have carried bags of dirt through the yard.

Wish I had some supper waiting for me; seriously too tired to cook.

garden 2



    • I think the neighbors would disagree with you. My grass is full of dandelions because I refuse to poison them. The shape of the garden is an “L” because when I first moved in that area was full of Easter Flowers that came up every spring. It was also full of weeds and was hard to maintain so I tilled it all out. I want all berries in that area but trying to get good soil (mine is mostly clay) and keep the bunnies out is very hard:( Thanks for your reply! I love interacting on blogs:)


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