Update on my Paleo Journey

So it’s been 32 days since I went Paleo. I haven’t really felt the effects of skipping the grains, beans and sugar. Sunday I took the kids to see the new Paul Blart movie and I splurged on popcorn and candy.

Well, guess who is feeling it now! My stomach is still mad at me for the binge eating. So, the conclusion is that Paleo is working – slowly – but working.

I’m back on Paleo. This time for so much longer; maybe forever. It hasn’t been an easy road to follow. I’ve only found one item at one restaurant that I can eat. It’s this amazing chili and I have to pick the beans out.

I just wonder if anyone has success in eating at restaurants and following strict paleo eating plan. Most people tell me to order a salad but you know how much preservatives are on those veggies? Gross and serious stomach upset issues. I really like Chipotle but – no rice. I’ve been doing a lot of cooking and baking but I really hate cleaning the kitchen constantly.

Can anyone reassure me that it gets better?


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