Wellness tip of the day

Wellness tip of the Day – Have Fun

Here’s a fish tale:

When I was a kid I loved to fish. My dad taught me how. He taught me a lot about fishing: How to catch them, clean them, cook them and eat them. I loved to fish with my dad. I remember a time when we were out on the lake:

So, I’m a teenager and my dad is taking me fishing. We had a small boat, the kind that moves with oars. I can’t remember if we caught anything or not. We likely did but we were on our way back in. I was in the front of the boat and I felt droplets and told my dad “I think it’s starting to rain.” He just laughed. I felt it again and looked back at him. He was hitting the water with the oar to sprinkle water on me. Well, “I’ll get him back.” Or so I thought. Apparently I wasn’t quite strong enough to tap the water in the correct direction to even get a drop on him. He laughed even more. So, being the resourceful one that I am, I grabbed an empty cup and began to scoop water and throw it at him. It was so much fun and by the time we got to shore we were both soaked.

It is one of my fondest memories of me and my dad. Also, it brings me to my next point.

So, it’s been a long time since I’ve fished. Husband, children and other life challenges have prevented me from doing so. However, in my wellness adventure I know that I need to pour into my recreation and play side. So, I’ve decided to take up fishing.

I bought a cute pink rod and reel set:rod and reel

I visited my dad and he “hooked” (I couldn’t help it) me up with a bunch of hooks, lures, jigs and bait that I don’t know the names of:

lures from dad

What he didn’t get me was practice plugs. These are the weights that go on the end of the line so that my kids can practice casting in the back yard.

orange fishing plugsDidn’t I say that the wellness tip was to have fun?

Well, here’s the funny part of my story: My first attempt at stringing my new gear:  reel mess

If you aren’t laughing at me now just wait for the fish stories to come. I don’t remember an open-faced reel being this difficult to use. Do I wind backwards? Does the reel go on top of the rod or underneath? Do I cast and switch hands? Is this a left-handed set-up? Who knows?

Now, sit back and wait for the fish tales that are to follow (and the paleo fish recipes) as soon as the weather cooperates.


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