Allergy friendly Chicken and Mushroom gravy: Attempt 1

Today I plan to try my hand at creamy mushroom gravy: Gluten Free and Dairy Free. My daughter and I have food allergies and I’ve been considering the Paleo eating style. (this dinner is not Paleo) I’m trying to transition in that direction. Giving up millet and corn are not as easy as I thought they’d be. mushroom gravy

Back to the gravy: In the past I’d open a can of cream of mushroom soup add it and milk to the skillet and poof – mushroom gravy. Now that those days are behind me I have to find a way to make good gravy. This attempt was good. Not as white as traditional gravy because – no white flour. I used almond milk and a gf four blend. It didn’t taste bad, in fact it was good but it did need more salt and pepper.

I paired the gravy with pan seared chicken thighs: chicken and gravy

I don’t use recipes most of the time. But the main seasonings were onion, garlic, salt, pepper and rosemary. Of course olive oil.

This adventure to get healthy does not have to taste bad. Served with the chicken and gravy was gf biscuits, fresh veggies and rosemary purple potatoes.This meal was great. Everyone in the family loved it.

chicken gravy meal


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